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uEZ v2.01 Released

August 22, 2012 Leave a comment

uEZ v2.01 has been released and now is available at Sourceforge. So, what has changed? As with any incremental changes, this release won’t be as much as the uEZ v2.00 release, but was aimed to fix bugs. Here is a highlight of the most important bug fixes.

  • Half duplex drivers have a fix with the drive enable polarity. Setting to active low now properly works.
  • PLL global variables (G_ProcessorOscillator, etc.) are now stored in internal RAM (IAR compiler only). They had gotten moved to the SDRAM — but the SDRAM is not initialized until after the PLL is started.
  • NOP() is now a system wide / compiler wide macro to delay instruction worth of time.
  • LPC1788 A/D pin configuration is now fixed and should be working again.
  • LPC1788 USB Device now handles the device interrupts correctly (stop interrupting until initialized).
  • LPC2478 PLL initialization fixes a race condition.

Other important changes/additions:

  • UART0 to UART3 on the uEZGUI-1788-70WVE is now part of the uEZPlatformStartup() options.
  • Doxygen has been upgraded from 1.7.4 to
  • Added IAP driver for uEZGUI-1788-70WVT.
  • Changed to use EABI version of Segger emWin library in all builds (included in uEZ distribution)

There are more changes, so be sure to check out the Change History document. Let us know if you are having any problems at

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